What are the specs for digital promotions & advertising placements?

Advertising, promotion and placement specifications for eNewsletter, eFeature and Social promotion.

Media Types:

eFeature and eNewsletter

Dedicated Email

Social Media

White Paper Service

Course Certificate of Completion

HTML & Layout Services

Download the Spec Sheet

eFeature and eNewsletter Placements and Ads

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Dedicated Emails

The Tourism Academy can deliver your custom, dedicated e-newsletter to our readers. We send both HTML and text versions of e-newsletters to our subscribers.

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Social Media

Send us:

  1. A 240-character (max.) message, including an embedded URL to the site of your choice, and we will post it into our social media stream.
  2. A 1200×630 jpg, gif or png

Character counts include spaces, punctuation, and links.

Please note:

  • Twitter does not allow posts related to health to be boosted as paid ads, so please avoid mentioning “Covid” or “coronavirus” in your message.
  • Facebook will not allow advertising links to PDFs, JPEGs, or web pages that automatically download files. If you would like to offer a PDF, image, or other download, we recommend that you create an HTML landing page from which customers can download the file. Learn more about Facebook’s landing-page policies.

If you want to include images in your post, click here for additional information

If you want to include videos in your post, click here for information.

White Paper Program

The Tourism Academy offers a Dedicated White Paper Email and Hosting Service to help you promote your company’s thought leadership in the logistics field.


  • Subject line
  • White paper title
  • White paper description (1,750 characters max.)
  • White paper cover image (min. width 300 px)
  • Landing page or download URL*
  • Company logo and URL

The white paper email promo will link to a landing page on your site if you’re using a registration form, or directly to the PDF file if you are not using a registration form

Course Certificate of Completion

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HTML & Layout Services

For those sponsors with limited resources for developing electronic ad material within the required technical specifications, Tourism Academy Inc. (The Tourism Academy) offers layout and development services at a flat rate of $150/hour. These charges will be added to the invoice for your sponsorship. To avoid these charges, all sponsors are urged to pay close attention to our e-product material specs and follow them whenever possible.

NOTE: All dimensions are in pixels.

eNewsletter, eFeature and dedicated email materials should be submitted to Communications at communications@tourismacademy.org five business days prior to deployment.

Website Ads

Ad Type Dimensions File Size File Formats Animation 3rd Party Notes
Leaderboard 728 x 90 px 100 KB GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 30 seconds max including loops Yes Assets for HTML5 ads should be supplied in a ZIP file
Rectangle 300 x 250 px 100 KB GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 30 seconds max including loops Yes Assets for HTML5 ads should be supplied in a ZIP file

Download the Spec Sheet

Download the Spec Sheet