Content Moderation at Tourism Academy, Inc.

If you use Tourism Academy, Inc., you should know that we do not allow hate speech, violence, or discrimination to be promoted on our platform.

Our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) prohibits use of the Tourism Academy, Inc. Service with content or in a manner that promotes, encourages, or facilitates: illegal activity, hate speech, violence, or discrimination based on race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information and citizenship. In April 2020, we updated our AUP to add sexual orientation, marital status, gender or identity expression and parental status and any/or other characteristics protected by law; and in February 2021 we clarified that organizations or individuals who promote, encourage, or facilitate hate speech, violence, or discrimination, either through their own content or through distribution of user generated content, are prohibited from using the Tourism Academy, Inc. Service, regardless of whether the Tourism Academy, Inc. Service is used specifically for the prohibited activities. 

We rely on our content moderation program to help us identify, review, and take action when Tourism Academy, Inc. users violate these restrictions in our AUP. As part of this program, we’ve developed an internal content policy and guidelines to help us ensure we’re enforcing our AUP equitably and uniformly across our entire customer base. We’ve also formed a multi-member Content Review Committee (CRC) composed of diverse leaders from different parts and locations of Tourism Academy, Inc., which is responsible for reviewing reports about Tourism Academy, Inc. users who engage in these activities, and determining what actions to take. 

The Tourism Academy, Inc. content moderation program is intended to help us make decisions about certain users of our platform and the content we will allow (and not allow). It also helps us live up to our core values and principles as a company. It does not supplant the AUP or address other violations of the AUP – for example, we will still take action against illegal content, spammers, those abusing our platform, pornography, etc. under separate processes and guidelines.

Complaints regarding Tourism Academy, Inc. users may be provided by our employees, our customers or partners, or by anyone from the public. You may report content violations to us by sending an email to