Do you need videos to teach online?

In just a few years, video has become the trending content format across the web. Online courses are not the exception - students like video.

do i need video to teach an online courseThink about it...

Facebook is packed with news in short clips, more and more companies are hosting webinars or virtual conferences and YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world.

Online courses are not the exception - students like video.

Almost 96% of top producing schools use video on their courses.

The reasoning is simple.

People are looking to learn in ways that are engaging, easy to consume and delivered by relatable instructors, and that is exactly what video content offers.

More importantly, the highest rated online instructors are fantastic at creating wow moments for their students.

Teachable recently posted an astonishing fact about video content: The average completion
rate for Teachable’s top schools is 20.4%. That’s 410% higher than the average completion rate for massive open online courses (MOOCs.)

Keep in mind that completion rate is not the only measure of online learning effectiveness. A course with a 10% completion rate can prove far more valuable to the student than the course with a much higher completion rate. In this post, we're demonstrating a measure of engagement using the relative differences between completion rates. 

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