How do I review a course I just took?

Reviews help others find great courses and give instructors valuable feedback. Here's how you can review courses at The Tourism Academy.

What are course reviews?

Course review is a process for evaluating a course with respect to the academic and business aspects of the course, including planning, resourcing, course design, learning and teaching, student outcomes, course demand, management and external engagement.

Who can leave reviews?

Students who are enrolled in a course can add a review. Students are prompted to leave a review when they've completed a course but can leave a review anytime after they've enrolled.

Can I trust reviews?

Yes. Our student reviews are not posted in chronological order, and the top ranking review is not necessarily going to be close to the overall rating of the course. Instead, our team uses an algorithm that takes into account data about the review, including review length, number of courses completed by the student, and recency, among other factors.