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How long does it take to launch a Tourism Ambassador training program?

An estimated timeline of the 12-week Tourism Ambassador training build and launch.

It typically takes just twelve (12) weeks to build and launch a new online tourism ambassador training program. Here's what to expect:
Anticipated timeline to launch
Week 1 - Agreement signed. Stakeholder interviews & module needs established.
Week 2 - Course build scheduled. Instructional designers begin course outlining.
Week 4 - Present course outline & mock up. Deliver recommendations for media assets, gamification, participation incentives & promoting course to partners.
Week 8 - Beta testing begins. Onboarding for named instructor(s).
Week 9 - Revisions & soft launch with select partners.
Week 12 - Course published for public distribution.

This timeline is an estimate and may vary depending on The Tourism Academy's current availability, course requirements and Client collaboration.