How much do I charge for my course?

It’s perhaps the most common and difficult question for instructors: How much should I charge for my course? Pricing your course (and knowledge) doesn't have to be a roadblock.

A fair price that your audience is willing to pay comes from valuing yourself, your course, and the effort you put into creating your business. 

Aim higher than you think

Consider pricing your course at least $100. Why? At this point, you’ve validated your idea, built an audience, and created your course, you know it's valuable. $100 is a fair baseline.

So, why at least $100?

  • All topics are valuable it to someone. Don’t discredit your audience's desire to learn, well, pretty much anything. From calligraphy to coding, business writing to basket weaving, there are courses for every taste. If an audience really wants to learn something, they are willing to pay.   
  • Your course solves the students' problems. A good online course provides a shortcut to an desired outcome. Your course helps the audience save time, money, and frustration because they don't have to do it all on their own.
  • Experience is your selling point. Someone else may be teaching the same course topic, but you can be successful by focusing on what makes your course unique. Your unique point of view and experience are your selling point - don't be shy about putting a dollar value on this. 
  • Students believe in you. (And so do we.) Being just a few steps ahead of the students is a key trait of the most effective teachers because they more easily anticipate and relate to students’ pain points. Traditional “experts” or “professionals” might offer technical solutions but you can make those solutions simple and easy to implement. 
  • People and businesses will pay. Warm up your audience a few months prior to your launch using your own mailing list. Those who already know you and respect your insight are far more likely to spend money with you.  Plus, unlike articles, blogs or social posts, courses are a source of valuable gated content. That exclusivity is part of your course's value.

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Finding the ideal price for your course, is now plug & play.