How should I outline/format my Product Training Course?

Creating the right outline for your product training course is critical to engaging, enticing and generating new leads from travel planners.

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Essential Questions

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T.E.A. Learning Model

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Essential Questions

As with any course that one might take online, there are some critical questions that your audience is looking to have answered. Here's a quick look at the Top 4 travel professionals have when taking your online product training course.

  • What will the travel professional be able to do after they've taken your course?
  • What are your product/destination's benefits?
  • What tools/resources are you making available to the travel professional so that it is easier for them to include your product in future itineraries?
  • If the travel professional has additional questions or would like to book your product, how can they do so easily?

Download the Worksheet

The Tourism Academy's Instructor Success Team put together this handy little worksheet to help you outline a fantastic online product training course.

Course Outline Worksheet

T.E.A. Learning Model

We've identified three elements that every online course must have in order to meet and exceed the expectations of the student. Let's take a look…

Transformative - Students are most excited about the transformation that they will achieve while taking your course. Transformation in this context is used to describe what the students will be able to do after completing your course that they were not able to do before starting your course. These are your product benefits, not features. Here's are some examples:

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to create a more profitable, fun, and easier to sell travel package to [Country]. 
  • Consumer Benefit: Your customers will have more satisfying experiences and increased value perception.
  • Company Benefit: The travel company will find it easier to sell more packages at a greater margin.
  • Travel Agent Benefit: The travel professional who completes this course will be invited to our next familiarization trip, entered to win a prize, and/or receive a certificate of course completion. 

Engaging - Engage in classes or something more fun and based on the principles of adult learning we know that they are more effective. To create engaging course you must be sure to include some engagement prompt every 4 to 5 minutes before the student is distracted or overwhelmed by the amount of content they're receiving. Here are a few engagement prompts that work well for online product training courses:

  • A student has completed the contact in this particular lesson and then click on the complete button at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next lesson.
  • Click here to watch the video. Add a pause at the four minute mark. Click to continue the video.
  • Ask the students to download an item or click through to your website. This could be a PDF version of your sales sheet, approved promotional images, sample itinerary, or a click through to your website where they can register for your asset library.
  • Include a quick quiz with one, two, or three questions. Remember, you're not trying to start the students simply reinforce the benefits to them when including your product.
  • Ask your student to participate in a group discussion by adding their own thoughts or comments.

Accessible - In order for a course to be accessible, the student must be able to take the course when and where they need it. This is why all of our courses are recommended for the on-demand self paced format. Mission to allowing the student to take the force when and where they need it, it's important that they be able to complete the course in the time that they typically have available for training while at work. Studies show that the average employee has just 24 minutes per week to dedicate to training. Here are a couple tips:

  • You should load all of your course lesson material in advance so that the students can take it when and where they are logged in, whether or not you're available for a live lesson.
  • Make it multilingual. This is particularly important if you are targeting travel professionals from certain parts of the world where your language isn't necessarily their native tongue. Be sure to include downloadable resource material that's also in their language that they can share with their customers.

The typical working professional has just 24 minutes a week to spend learning new skills & products. Make sure your course or course module can be completed within this amount of time, giving the travel professional an accomplishment and positive reinforcement for learning more about your product. 

Break up your content into smaller bits so that you can present lessons that are no longer than 4-5 minutes each.

Learn the LMS

Creating your course is actually pretty simple. Simply log into our learning management system, create "New Course" and let the wizard guide you step-by-step. Add new content and refreshing the material that you have is pretty easy. If you feel comfortable using Microsoft Word or Dropbox, you're already 90% of the way there. 

Here's a video showing how to create a course in under 10 minutes.  Take a look.

HubSpot Video