How will I get paid?

Statistics and payouts give instructors and affiliates the ability to keep track of and cash out on their earnings. Here's how it works...

What is PayPal Payouts?

PayPal Payouts is a fast, convenient way for businesses to send money to multiple people. Recipients are identified by using their email address, domestic mobile number, or payer ID (an encrypted PayPal account number).

How do I claim the money a company has sent me through Payouts?
Money can be claimed through your PayPal or Venmo account. To claim the money through Venmo, you'll need to provide your mobile number.

You’ll receive an email when the payment is sent. Click the Claim Payment button and follow the steps to fully claim the money.

Instructors...  Statistics allow you to manage all payments and track affiliated statistics for the sold courses, such as Total Profit, Total Payments, get statistics for a specific period, and etc. 

The Tourism Academy has enabled the Statistics & Payouts for your convenience.

Statistics for the Course authors

Course authors can track sales and earning statistics from the Account page (Statistics tab) and for receiving Payout earning users should enter the PayPal account email address.

By default, the PayPal payment method is used for payout. For those with exceptionally high volume, other payment options may be arranged.

Payment Notifications

If you have a PayPal or Venmo account, an email or mobile notification will prompt you to log in to your account to get payment details. If you don't have a PayPal or Venmo account, an email or mobile notification will prompt you to open a PayPal or Venmo account to claim your money.

Note: Venmo notifications require a US mobile number and are mobile only.

This flow shows the experience for PayPal recipients:

Email without PayPal account

This flow shows the experience for Venmo recipients:

Venmo recipient flow

Payouts features

PayPal Payouts is global, secure, flexible, and easy for instructors. Payouts includes these features:

  • Currency conversion — Send payments in another currency even if you don't maintain a balance in that currency.
  • Detailed records — Your complete payout history is available online, and you'll receive a notification when payments are sent. 
  • Easy for recipients — Receiving a payout is as easy as opening an email or mobile notification.
  • Global reach — Payouts works in over 180 countries and complies with KYC regulations.
  • Reduced risk — PayPal's risk and compliance controls help protect you from fraud.
  • Use your preferred digital wallet — Send payments to PayPal or Venmo recipients.