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Can I import a course from another LMS?

The Tourism Academy learning management system is integrated with a number of popular online learning tools.

Yes. You can upload your course in a SCORM .zip file for a quick import and activation. 

Many other learning management and course creator tools (Articulate Rise & Storyline) offer the SCORM export option, making it easy to draft your course in the format that you're already comfortable with.

A member of our Instructor Success team will be able to help you get this going easily.

Support: From the Admin panel, go to the Course curriculum. Select the course you need or create a new one and move to the Curriculum section. Here instead of creating sections and lessons just Upload SCORM package.

After the upload, you can View the package or Delete it.

In the SCORM Settings menu on your dashboard panel, you can also add file formats that a SCORM package can contain. Just enter extensions in the space provided: psd,txt.