What perks do course instructors get?

Teaching is a rewarding endeavor, but feel good doesn't pay bills. Here are a few items that The Tourism Academy Instructors get, in addition to course registration fees.

There are some great perks that come along with becoming an online course instructor at TourismAcademy.org. Here are just a few...

Passive Income

Asynchronous or self-paced courses let students start, take and finish courses anytime. By pre-populating your course content with written text, video, lessons, lectures and quizzes, the instructor is no longer required to run scheduled lectures (i.e. every Tuesday & Thursday at 8AM). 

Self-styled courses (FREEDOM)

Unlike courses designed to match mandated learning objectives or those that regurgitate a textbook, Tourism Academy courses focus on transformations. Our instructors have the freedom to decide how they will present course contents, what materials and resources they'll provide, and which instructional methods work best for the learners. Do students need to submit an assignment or pass a vocabulary quiz? That's up to the instructor. 

The three objectives each course must meet to be published are spelled out in this article and how to video

FREE Courses & Support

New instructors are paired up with representatives from the Instructor Success team. Together, they walk through the process of creating a course from topic selection to certificate verification. Along that journey, instructors are provided with a number of great tools, articles, videos and yes, online courses that make building your first online course easy. 

Travel is about the connections we make with others as we explore the world. We encourage our instructors to get to know each other too. Joining us from around the globe, instructors often call upon each other to be the first to take and rate their newest courses. 

Better Recognition

Once that first course is published, instructors are encouraged to include The Tourism Academy on their resume, CV and LinkedIn profile. It's a great way to maintain ongoing presence in the marketplace, stay connected with peers, and capture the interest of new prospects.

Speaking Opportunities

Instructors with published courses can choose to be on The Tourism Academy's list of preferred speakers, trainers and live presenters. Valued by travel & hospitality association executives and meeting planners, simply being on the list opens new doors for our valued instructors.

Contract Instructional Design Work

The talent and skill of instructional designers are in demand.  We're matching companies, organizations, and destinations up with proven instructors and course developers to help get their new training initiatives off the ground, running smoothly. Instructors must opt in and have already published at least one course at TourismAcademy.org to qualify.

FREE Course Promotion

The Tourism Academy has a built in audience that is eager to learn, loves to travel, and is ready to advance within their profession. Only TourismAcademy.org offers instructors the opportunity to showcase their new courses and earn themselves a bit of praise. Here are a few of the promotional tactics available to Tourism Academy instructors:

  • The Tourism Academy will announce your new course with a curated blog post, Sharing highlights from your course sale page with its growing audience.
  • With new course announcements come social posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Guest Blogging is now open to The Tourism Academy's instructors. Draw more attention to your courses, demonstrate your expertise and get that reciprocal link. Blog articles come with all those extra distribution perks like - eNewsletters, prominent listings, social posts, etc.
  • Don't like the idea of writing your own article? Instructors can request a written or live Profile In Leadership interview for publication at TourismAcademy.org and distribution through the channels mentioned in this article.
  • The Tourism Academy offers its users weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and topical eNewsletter subscriptions that distribute the latest in new course offerings, executive profiles, Academy news and more.
  • Each skill instructor is offered the opportunity to feature one (1) of their courses in addition to its standard listing in the Course Catalog. This puts your featured course at the top of search results and in the queue for homepage rotation.
  • The Tourism Academy often helps organizations develop the right collection of courses to offer through their own dedicated learning channels (private academies). Courses let by Tourism Academy instructors are at the top of mind.