Who is responsible for marketing my course?

Marketing and selling online courses is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful instructor. Here's how The Tourism Academy helps.

Successful online course businesses build upon a foundation of great content, engaging course design, transformative course objectives and the tools used to promote & sell your course. 

Your courses are published and ready to sell.  The next part is getting people to actually sign up for them. We'll share our plan for getting your first students to enroll. But first, here's what makes The Tourism Academy special...

The Tourism Academy regularly delivers far-reaching promotional activities to its network of 22,000+ tourism businesses, organizations and agencies. These promotions often highlight skill courses available in our public course catalog. These campaigns are specifically designed to...

  • show tourism professionals how easy it is to learn how, when and where they want
  • show business leaders how easy (and incredibly efficient) it is to build learning tracks, deliver accreditation programs and empower their people by adding The Tourism Academy's readily available courses to their private academies
  • fulfill our mission - provide the knowledge & skill tourism professionals need to advance their careers, grow their businesses and create more life-changing travel experiences. 

The Tourism Academy's promotions and audience are a great addition to, but not a replacement for, the strategies our instructors put in place to promote & sell their online courses.