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Why can't I access my online learning environment?

Users Cannot Access tourismacademy.org and Subdomains Through Company Network

Description: If you're experiencing difficulty accessing the website "tourismacademy.org" and its associated subdomains from your company network, this article will guide you through possible reasons for the access issue and provide solutions to help you access the site and its valuable learning content.

Possible Reasons for Access Issues:

  1. Network Restrictions: Your company network might have strict access controls or firewalls in place that block certain external websites, including "tourismacademy.org."

  2. Domain Not Whitelisted: The domain "tourismacademy.org" and its subdomains may not be included in the company's network whitelist, preventing access to these sites.

  3. Browser Compatibility: Compatibility issues between your browser and the website can also hinder access.

Solutions and Suggestions:

  1. Contact IT Support: Reach out to your company's IT support or network administrator to inquire about the access issue. They can provide insights into whether the site is intentionally blocked or not whitelisted. Explain the importance of accessing the learning content on "tourismacademy.org" for your work. 

    Here's a sample email you may want to send to your network administrator:

    "Dear [Network Administrator's Name],

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request the addition of the domain "tourismacademy.org" and its associated subdomains to our network whitelist.

    This request is because we recently partnered with Tourism Academy, an esteemed online educational platform specializing in tourism and hospitality courses. Our network must allow traffic to their domain and subdomains to facilitate seamless access to their resources and ensure uninterrupted collaboration.

    Please consider this request whenever you get a chance. If any additional details or information are needed from my end to facilitate the process, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this request."

  2. Request Whitelisting: If the site is not whitelisted, request your IT department to add "tourismacademy.org" and its subdomains to the network whitelist. Use our sample email template to make the request clear and concise.

  3. Alternative Network: If accessing the site is urgent and essential, consider using a personal device or mobile data (if allowed) as an alternative network source to access the learning content.

  4. VPN (Virtual Private Network): If permitted by your company's policy, you could use a reputable VPN service. A VPN can bypass network restrictions and provide access to blocked websites.

  5. Different Browser: Try accessing "tourismacademy.org" using a different web browser. Sometimes, browser compatibility issues can affect access. If the site loads in a different browser, you should clear the cache and cookies in your preferred browser.

  6. Mobile Access: If applicable, you can use your mobile device and its data connection to access the site. Mobile networks often have different access controls than corporate networks.

  7. Local IT Solutions: If you're working remotely or in a decentralized setup, local IT might have additional solutions or suggestions to help you access blocked websites.


While difficulties accessing "tourismacademy.org" and its subdomains through your company network can be frustrating, several avenues exist to resolve the issue. Contacting your IT support, requesting whitelisting, using alternative networks or browsers, and employing VPN services are recommended. By taking these steps, you can hopefully gain access to the valuable learning resources offered by "tourismacademy.org" and enhance your professional development.